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HEAVY Stores is divided into two main sections: HEAVY Products and Vendor Products.

HEAVY Products

HEAVY (HEAVY Enterprises known herein as HEAVY) hosts a range of HEAVY merchandise and other products designed, produced or sourced by HEAVY.

HEAVY supports hundreds of bands a year, and most of the content pieces are done voluntarily. Our writers conduct interviews with young bands every week, and we post them on the website and Facebook which, combined, gets quite a lot of traffic and therefore exposure which they wouldn’t usually get. So, from the HEAVY Team, thank you for being HEAVY.
By purchasing products from the HEAVY Shop, you are not only helping HEAVY stay online and in print, but you are helping up and coming bands.

Vendor Products


These are products posted on the HEAVY platform (website, emails, social media and/or printed material) by businesses other than HEAVY. These operators are known as Vendors. Vendors can be bands, record labels or other companies such as physical or online stores. They are each separate entities, and they operate as their own business with their own policies, terms and conditions. When purchasing a product from a Vendor Store, you are subject to their policies, liabilities, terms and conditions. If you have a fault with a product, or your order hasn’t arrived, you will need to deal directly with them.


All Vendor products will be shipped, tracked and managed by the Vendor themselves including returns and refunds.


You can search through Vendor stores by clicking on the display links above.


If you are having problems with a Vendor, please let us know using the support portal here: heavymag.com.au/support and we will help sort out the matter.

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